The crew here at understands that times are tough now, and budgets are leaner and leaner by the minute. Sometimes the traditional fundraising methods are not feasible in today’s environment.  Concentrate on the main thing you need – raising money!

We do all of the work for you!  All you have to do is spread the word about your online fundraiser, get buyers to enter your dedicated Coupon Code when making a purchase, and we ship them their order and ship your organization its money.

We also offer more traditional catalog fundraisers.  We provide you with full-color catalogs that contain our ten most popular flavors (making it quick and easy for your supporters to make their buying decision), collection/order envelopes, and informational flyers.  We package everything up for your for easy distribution to your sellers.  After the agreed-upon time frame, we collect the orders from you and our share of the funds, and you keep your share of the money right up front!  We will submit your master order the very next day and The Jerky Hut will begin processing it.  When the order arrives at our shop, we will break it all down and bag it up for you for easy distribution to your supporters.   We deliver the master order to you, along with the "Highest Seller Awards" consisting of a $100 Visa Gift Card for each the top three sellers in your group.  (Some restrictions apply.)

Call us today at (850) 333-8791 or (850) 376-9140 or email us at to get more information regarding this INCREDIBLE fundraiser from